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Our research is focused on the design and synthesis of novel and selective catalysts for both fine and bulk chemicals production. The group has built a strong expertise in the design and synthesis of (chiral) ligands for homogeneous processes such as asymmetric carbonylation (Rh, Pd, ..), hydrogenation (Rh, Ir, Ru,…) and C-C bond formation (Pd, Ni, Pt) based on the understanding of the structure-catalytic performance relationships.For this purpose, spectroscopic investigations under conditions close to those used in catalysis (via high-pressure nuclear magnetic resonance and high-pressure infra-red spectroscopy) are routinely performed to gain insight into the mechanism of the process under study.

In recent years, our research interests have also encompassed the heterogenization of selective homogeneous catalysts, CO2 transformation processes and the utilization of metal-nanoparticles as catalysts for novel reactions.

Over the years, our group has maintained productive and long-term collaborations with various corporate entities and is currently involved in several academic (national and European) and industrial projects.

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